I thought, given Thursday is our videos day, I’d share some Mars Attacks videos to get you in the mood!  There are lots of great resources online, and if you’ve not already done so, please pop over to Board Game Geek and fan the game.  If you’re a Kickstarter backer, you’ve got all of this to look forward to, but if not, never fear – it’s now up for pre-order!  We’re very excited for everything that’s been going on lately and Mars Attacks represents a major achievement for us – a gorgeous, cinematic, easy to play game.  It’ll appeal to new gamers and veterans alike …

You can either select the videos here, or head on over to our playlist

First up, Speil 2013

And some basic gameplay 🙂

An incredible unboxing by Grim Tree Games

A game overview by Grim Tree Games

And finally, Jake talking Mars Attacks and other stuff at the Uk Games Expo

Finally, there was our Beasts of War takeover last weekend.  We’ll share them later, but head on over and check it ou!

It’s all looking very shiny, isn’t it? What would you like to know? Anything that these videos don’t answer and isn’t on the Kickstarter updates?
Got any other videos you think we should add to the playlist?

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