Each member of staff at Mantic works on two or three projects at once and my biggie at the moment is getting the new website up to scratch, getting it tested and getting it live.

It can be quite tricky actually – we’re going through product by product, line by line to ensure that the pages are consistent and the new functionalities work, which is no quick task. Then we’re going to give it to someone else to see if we’ve missed anything and to make sure that all the new features work. Speaking of new features, one of the coolest are the new drop-down menus that will make all of our products accessible from the front page of the site!

Yes, I’m excited by the prospect of not having to trawl through page after page to get to the latest product.

See here if you're wondering what he's doing.

As excited as this? (To be honest I just want more people to see this picture.) -James (I hate you so much!! – Chris)

It’s more evolution than revolution but we’ve focused on ease of use, speed and stability, as well as updating all of the out of date stuff like the Kings of War section. We’ve got so many shiny new pictures that aren’t on our website yet that it’s becoming criminal, and now that we’re fully rested after the Deadzone Kickstarter we’re ploughing our efforts into bringing the new platform up to scratch.

Pictures like this deserve to be on the website!

Pictures as cool as this deserve to be on the website – it’s all going to look so awesome!

Of course, that’s not all I’m working on – I’ve just finished reading the Mars Attacks graphic novel and have been reading their comics, cards and Top Secret IP Bible ahead of our upcoming miniatures game. As someone with no interest in comics I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it and am amazed at how rich and in-depth the universe is. On the face of it looks like it’s just Martians disintegrating human soldiers, but that really isn’t the case. The IP Bible even breaks down things like the Martians’ anatomy, culture  and history – it’s a fascinating universe and one we’re really looking forward to sharing with you in 28mm scale. Ideas for the range are coming together and I can’t wait to be the one that shares it with you all!


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