An Undead army is all about the meat and grind, and rarely is there a form of Undead more powerful than that of the Vampire.

2nd Edition spoils us with vampires, as not only have the Soul Reaver Knights been given an update, they can now be fielded on foot…

Soul Reaver Knights

The Vampire Knights of the Soul Reavers are some of the most terrifying soldiers in the whole of Mantica. Possessed of unnatural strength and speed, the only thought more terrifying than facing these undead warriors in battle is being taken alive by them.

Vampcav square

soulreavercavelry Soul Reaver Infantry

Soul Reavers who choose to fight on foot are perhaps more terrifying than their mounted brethren. For they are driven to this choice by the sheer, urgent depth of their thirst for blood, and their need to slake it deeply and often.

Vamp inf square Soul Reaver Infantry 5-1And just check out their stats! Powerful stuff.

Screen shot 2015-08-06 at 16.26.15

These fang-tastic new miniature kits hit shelves toward the end of August and are now available to pre-order. Who’s going to be adding some of these to their army?

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