With all the things going on at the moment, what with the new beta, the huge army deals and the new plastics, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Mantic Towers has been transformed into the land of the living dead – seriously, wait until you check out the bags under the eyes of the web team when you see them at the open day!

Happily however, we’re not going to show you pictures of these tireless, hard working human beings oh-no, we’ve got something must prettier to look at; the new Zombie sprue!

Undead Zombie Sprue

OK, so a picture might have sneaked into yesterday’s blog but let’s face it, it’s an absolute gorgeous frame and everyone involved has done us proud – so proud in fact, we want everyone to see them and we will be putting in a FREE Zombie frame into every order placed from now until the end of the month!

Free plastic minis for all? That’s Dead-ication.

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