One of my favourite things about the new Forum is the blogs feature and Stewart from the Pathfinders team highlights why with his latest blog post on his trip to Tole Haven:

With the Corporation and Veer-Myn on show, and a lot of love for Dwarf King’s Hold, Project Pandora was a very hot topic. The simplistic fun of Mantic’s games and the ever-increasing quality of their miniatures seems to have had a positive impact on Tole Haven – I’m expecting to see great things.

Tole Haven

I had a fantastic evening and met some great people. I’d like to say thanks to everyone for being so welcoming, and I hope you enjoyed it. A special thanks must go to Ian for organising the event, and also for making a superb cup of tea . I look forward to seeing you all again at Salute!

Firstly it makes a great read – secondly, we get to see people playing with our stuff and enjoying it, which is such a good feeling for us. It’s why holding our Open Days and travelling to shows like Salute and Adepticon are so worthwhile, and why you should definitely come and see us.

If you’re on the fence about coming to the Open Day or popping over to see us at the shows, check out the rest of Stu’s blog post here and take a look through some of the others – might just convince you to come!

That, and why not join up to the forum and get involved with the rest of the community!

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