Royal Mail have published their recommended list of last Christmas Shipping Dates – and they’re rather close!!

Here we go…

Thursday 5th December – Australia
Friday 6th December – Africa, Caribbean, Central and Southe America, Middle East
Monday 9th December – Cyprus, Eastern Europe
Tuesday 10th December – Canada, France, Greece, Poland
Friday 13th December – USA
Saturday 14th December – Western Europe (excluding France, Greece, Poland)
Wednesday 18th December – UK

Note that pre-orders for Deadzone will be unaffected as they are being shipped via courier (as the boxes are too big to fit through the Royal Mail.)

So what does this mean? Well, it means if you want Mantic models for Christmas, you’ll need to put your order in quickly!

Next Christmas, we'll try shipping by dragon-riding frost goblin, as we've heard they're quite reliable. (Delightful artwork by Jonas Springborg.)

Next Christmas, we’ll try shipping by dragon-riding frost goblin, as we’ve heard they’re quite reliable. (Delightful seasonal artwork by Jonas Springborg.)

We currently have an unprecedented amount of Christmas Crazy Boxes pre-ordered and we’re also shipping out our Deadzone Kickstarter at an astronomical rate! All in all, we’re are extraordinarily busy, so please bear with us whilst we get everything shipped out – we’re working as fast we can!

You can download Royal Mail’s guide here.


Right, that’s done. On with our regularly scheduled content:

Today we’re continuing our look at the Kickstarter Faction Focus videos we did back in May – we looked at the Rebs and Enforcers earlier in the week, so it’s about time we had an overview of the awful gribbly abominations that are running around Nexus Psi. Take it away, Jake!

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