The gentle breeze ruffled the King’s beard as he stood surveying the troops below him, hidden.
His Scouts has been tracking the Orc raiding party’s progress for nearly a week and the trail of mayhem and chaos had been appalling with villages, mines and outposts all laid to waste.

War King Grafe shifted his heavy armour and tightened the straps holding it in place. He lifted his mighty  warhammer in his right arm and gently rested it against his shield. He knew his War Engineers had laid traps across the entrance to the valley to stop the inevitable Orc route and his Ironwatch were positioned above the valley with crossbows and rifles at the ready. At the valley head were his Ironbelchers, a huge array of cannons and Organ guns, and even two of rare Fire Belchers, all primed with Cannonball and Grapeshot…

Mantic Games Ironwatch In Hiding

To read more of this great Dwarfen story, why not check out the Tales of the Forge on the website? This section will be updated with new Dwarf tales as time goes on and new units are revealed and made available to pre-order.

In addition to the conclusion of Storm of Iron, new to the website is background about the Ironwatch, Dwarfs who march to war not with hammer and shield but long ranged crossbows and armour piercing rifles.

Ironwatch Troop

More lightly armoured than the Ironclads, you get 20 of these warriors in a Warhost, allowing you to arm them all with rifles, all with crossbows, or any combination of your choice!

Further additions to the website will be coming as we try and improve the content we’ve got whilst update the site with new and exciting things, so keep checking back to the blog and website to keep up to date with all of the latest!

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