With Deadzone: Incursion introducing bigger and better battlefields, you’re going to need new equipment to combat the new threats.
Enter the Strider, a versatile Light Support Vehicle that we’ve been previewing for a little while now…

‘Strider’ is a generic term applied to a variety of bipedal vehicles employed by the Corporations.  The GR-77 model is a combat variant employed by the Enforcers, but often stolen and re-purposed by other factions.  As versatile as it is powerful, a Strider is a valuable asset to a strike team.
The Strider is a mean machine that can be employed by no less than the Enforcers, the Plague and the Rebs. Oh, and there’s a Corporation Pilot included as well so you can include it in Warpath (or maybe if one day a Corporation faction gets added to Deadzone?)
The Strider kit itself is premium plastic and includes an array of unique pilots, cockpits and several different weapon configurations – for any long-range menaces the Enforcers can use the Genling 88 HLS-X, a Range 12 AP4 cannon to blast away any opponents from afar, whilst if you prefer your carnage up close and personal both the Rebs and Plague variants have the Brawler special rule and come equipped with an Assault Flamer and Chainsaw. Nasty!
The plastic kit also comes with banners for the Rebs, extra armour and a shoulder-mounted missile launcher.
Striders also use the Vehicle special rule, as found in Deadzone: Nexus Psi.

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And if that wasn’t enough….

2f73130af91f34bedee8c861ed58338f_largeMarauder Stuntbot
Not one to be left out, the Marauders are getting themselves a hulking mech suit as well… The Stuntbot!

An older variant of the ‘Strider’ template, the Bot is piloted by a highly trained Goblin.  Their small stature and dextrous fingers more suited to the controls of these machines.  Armed with powerful but crude weaponry, it is a brave soldier who takes one of these machines on one on one.
As is tradition with all things Marauder-y, the Stuntbot is armed to the teeth, with a close combat Buzzsaw, a Range 4 AP2 Single Shot Thermal Cannon and an auxiliary flamer. Because why not?
Unlike the other vehicles, the Stuntbot is a premium resin kit, and comes with many finely detailed components. Our favorite component, and it’s something the guys in the studio keep playing with, is the hatch. Yes, you can lift the hatch up revealing the Goblin pilot inside! 42708b6e2bc69c9847dbf772be606254_large


So….what’s your favourite?  What are you looking forward to?


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