In this week’s Mantic Monday, we took a look at the Battlezones scenery making it’s way to Adepticon and we thought it would be great to take the scenery and put it into some insane deals to celebrate one of America’s greatest gaming shows.

battlezones-ruins-on-a-table-2There are two deals available:

Battlefield Adepticon Super Mega Deal* (yep, it’s that awesome it gets an over the top name)

This incredible battlefield-in-a-box contains pretty much everything that’ll be on a gaming table at Adepticon. Over 1000 pieces from over 50 sprues, you can take these modular tiles and build a whole range of buildings. Either copy the buildings in The Terrain Tutor’s great guides, or build your own mega constructions.

The number of sprues in this bundle is equivalent to an Urban Quadrant set (worth £99.99/$174.99 before shipping) and contains 12 extra Ruins sprues, equivalent to around £40/$65 amount of value.

We’ve rammed all of this into a box and stuck a price tag of £99.99/$149.99 on it – meaning you get the ruins free and save around £40/$90 off purchasing the components separately!

MGTSCI20-1 Landing Pad Colour 2MGTSCI03-1 Fortified District Colour

Click to see each of these images at a larger size.

MGTSCI04-1 Fortified Sector ColourMGTSCI21-1 Defence Line Colour

For those of you who want a little less scenery, there’s the Battlefield Adepticon Mega Deal – over 30 sprues with a saving of £25/$40 off purchasing the kits separately. This set is ideal for light scatter on a 6’x4’ gaming table (like these Tablescape Gaming Boards from Secret Weapon!!), or denser cover on a 4’x4’, 3’x3’ or 2’x2’ skirmish game such as Deadzone or Infinity. Find out more here!


But be quick – these scenery specials are only available until the 31st March!

Pick-up your scenery at Adepticon

If you want to reserve a set or pick it up at Adepticon, you can do that by adding the Pick Up at Adepticon product to your order, before 11:59pm EST on Wednesday 11th March. We cannot guarantee you’ll be able to collect an order if it’s placed after this date, though you will be able to swing by the stand and see if they have stock of the scenery left.


This scenery spectacular is only available until the 31st March, so pop on over to the website here and check out these awesome sets. They’d be great for any gaming table, club, tournament or event!

*Note that this item is bulky and is exempt from our free shipping promotion.

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