Whilst the exciting Warpath news on Friday has been rumbling along, the Abyssal Dwarfs have been busying establishing themselves in the world of Kings of War. Many kits like the Abyssal Dwarf War Conclave and the Abyssal Dwarf Army Set for instance have been awesomingly popular – so much so in fact, they’ve seemed to be attracting the attention of those more chaotic in nature.

abyssal dwarf DWARF LORD

Well, chaos-dwarfs.com is hosting their 15th Golden Hat painting and modelling competition and we’re lending our support to this community in the form of some fabulous prizes!

Check here for all the details but all you have to do is create a single Evil Dwarf Infantryman on a 20mm base that represents your idea of the perfect Evil Dwarf – and why not start with our Abyssal Dwarf Hub Page for some inspiration!

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