Industrial Scenery

Deadzone: Infestation – Industrial Scenery

The Mantic Battlezones scenery is a fantastic, easy to assemble system. Everything works based on a 3” square tile. You simply take a tile, add some connectors and fix the next one to it, and so on. Before you know it you have futuristic cities for short range firefights, or the interior corridors of a spaceship!

We’re expanding the Battlezones range with a new Industrial theme, funded by the Deadzone: Infestation. These tiles are made to resemble corrugated steel walls or pipes and machinery – the perfect setting for the mining colony of Exham IV or manufacturing complex.  Each of the tiles is inlaid with pipes and cabling, as well as fans and circuit boxes. They’re functional and gritty; a nice contrast to the sleeker urban scenery.

The new scenery also adds some exciting new components that work with your terrain.
Firstly, we have new system of pipes, in large and small varieties. The small pipes and a bit more detail to your industrial environment.  What’s really fun though, is the large pipe system. These are about an inch in width, which is about the right size for a cunning Veer-Myn to scuttle through the network. We’re already hearing discussions of rules which allow the rat-men to travel about the board though the pipes and attack unwitting opponents! Both pipes come as straight, T-junction, cross-junction, corner and end pieces, and have struts and joints to either stand freely, or attach to industrial tiles. There’s even a few damaged pipe sections included on the sprue.

Here are some examples of the new tiles:

897c3360344dec9b7184bf7c247f0a74_originalIn Deadzone, if you can see a model, you can shoot it – building your scenery with the mesh fences and platforms will be no sure protection for an opponent. So, we’ve listened to feedback on our previous battlezones, and added a system of mesh fences and gantries. We’ve added the oft-requested quarter tile (measuring 1.5” square) in a range of styles to work with both new and old battlezones.


The new battlezones are also fully compatible with other miniatures games. You could build a warehouse area for Mars Attacks! – perhaps hiding a stockpile of military equipment that would be the saving grace of survivors. By combining these sets with the Red Brick Battlezone tiles you could create an urban warzone, or even the stage for a 28mm zombie game. The functional details on the tiles, with the pipes system would be perfect for creating the bowels of a star ship, or sprawling depths of a futuristic city. The tiles and accessories work ideally as either small sections of cover or even building large enough to hide tanks! Perfect for sci-fi games like Infinity or Warhammer 40,000.

The new scenery, along with all of the miniatures shown in the images, are available on the Deadzone: Infestation Kisckstarter. Pledge today!

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