Part 1: Tim and Luke’s Excellent Adventure!

Greetings and welcome to the first in a series of Blog articles I’m going to be writing about the 2015 UK Clash of Kings Events.

Tale of a King

My name is Tim King and I’m a Gamer! Played a little bit of everything over the years but probably best known for running Events. I’ve run big events (several over 100 including one with over 220 gamers) but also smaller events. Sci-Fi, Steam punk and Fantasy I’ve run a little bit of everything!

I’ve been around the Company for a few years but started Full-time mid-2013 and now can be found in the darkest depths of the Mantic Warehouse doing important things with spread sheets and stock control systems! Occasionally I get let out to play!

Last year I did a Project log doing a count-as Army using the new Mars Attacks range:



My Martians stomping around Downtown Nottingham


And I have been itching to start a new project since then and with me taking over the Clash of Kings it seems like the perfect opportunity to do a new army for Kings of War. A few months back I offered to manage the 2015 Clash of Kings for Mantic whilst we were without an Events Manager and as part of this I also wanted to go to each Regional to do the admin, help Referee with the local Pathfinder but also to play and even take a few others from Mantic Towers. With that in mind it seemed like a good idea to chronicle these adventures!

Clash of Kings

The Clash of Kings has been running for about 4 years now. The first couple of years was mainly about play testing and having ‘Tournament players’ try and break the game to help improve game balance but it’s now moved onto being Mantic’s premier Kings of War Tournament.

This year we have 6 Regional Events happening across the UK, if you win one of these you’ll get a free ticket to the Final in October. The Final is still open to general sale but why not try and win a free ticket first? If you want to find out more about where and when the Regionals will be held check out the Events section of our Facebook page or check out the following like from our Website:


Each entrant to a Regional and/or Final will receive a Swag Bag from Mantic with a few little gifts (models) and each Event will have a 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed prize awarded. If an event attracts more than 10 players we will also award a prize to the Most Sporting Opponent and the Best Mantic Army*.

* You don’t have to use Mantic models are our Events but to be considered for our Best Army award you would need to have a majority of Mantic models, like over 90% of your army, but Units or Monsters we don’t make a model for won’t count for this majority.

The other thing with the Clash of Kings this year is that it’s a year of change for Kings of War with 2nd Edition successfully funded through Kickstarter and due out to the masses in the summer. We could have waited to run the Regionals until after it’s release or ran the Final before but instead I opted for running the Regionals under 1st Edition and the Final under 2nd Edition.

The Final will require a 2000 point army compared to the 1600 points for a Regional so we will all need to add and practice with new and improved armies so why not also add in the Edition change? We can continue to develop the Kings of War player base whilst we wait for 2nd Edition then have a real drive about list building, painting and practicing leading up to the Finals!

The Road Trip!


Luckily I have Sat-nav so won’t need to rely on Luke’s map reading!


Going to Events is always better with friends as not only can you practice against each other and keep each other motivated with painting before the event you can also travel together. This year 3 of the Regionals we will have a 2-3 hour Car journey from Nottingham and for the Scottish Regional a 1 hour Car journey followed by little over three hours on a train. Luckily I have Luke to amuse me and keep me company!

Although one of us will need to keep on top of Social media and admin at the events I am confident we can play and work so we are both going to bring our armies along! Follow us as we choose our armies, build them and play. We’ll do some battle reports before (hopefully get Ronnie involved) and during the Regionals (lots of pictures and tales of woe and fortune!). If there is something you’d like to see more of in particular let us know!

The banter has already started at Mantic Towers between myself and Luke and no doubt we will have to come up with some suitable challenge over the course of the 6 Regionals! What do you say Luke – the person who finishes lowest out of us two at more Regionals has to wear an ‘outfit’ at the Final chosen by the other?? Keeping exposed flesh to a minimum mind – it’s a family event!!

And finally…

This year the winner of each Regional will be receiving a brand new Trophy we’re having made up. Ronnie gave me permission to get the Blaine Sponsor from Dreadball Extreme 3D printed about 11cm tall so that I can get the guys at Antenociti to make Resin copies and then have it mounted on a Trophy plinth.

Blaine Trophy

Big Blaine and (que Dr Evil voice…) Mini-Blaine


What do you think? Want to win one? Best get yourself down to a Regional!

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