Clash of Kings Road Trip Part 13a


On Sunday I travelled across the Peak District from Nottingham to Stockport to run the Northern Regional for the 2015 UK Clash of Kings.

This trip is significantly shorter than the previous Regionals so didn’t have to set off before dawn!

We had a couple of drop outs just before the event and on the day ended up with 7 players meaning I needed to dust off the Basileans and play as the spare player! Which wasn’t a problem except I’ve not played 1st Edition Kings of War since the Scottish Regional! Instead playing and demo’ing 2nd Edition at Salute and the Open Day. Led to a few interesting moments through the day when I tried to remember rules for the correct edition! Still – another enjoyable day of Kings of War!

I’ll do another Blog post next week going over my three games including a real Clash of THE Kings when I take on reigning National Champion Dan King in the final game.

The day went really well with few hiccups and no rules disputes. Unfortunately I didn’t get take quite as many pictures or make any notes on my games this time but we had a good spread of armies again with really only the two Undead Werewolf armies the same.



The final standings from the day’s gaming:

1) Jez Gurney – Goblins – 44pts – 3365 attrition score
2) Chris Walsh – Forces of Nature – 39pts – 2830 attrition score
3) Dan King – Ogres – 30pts – 2545pts
4) Richard Heath – Orcs – 28pts – 2885 attrition score
5) Peter Harrison – Undead – 21pts – 2060 attrition score
6) Tony Moore – Undead – 16pts – 2035 attrition score
7) Steven Pearson – Twilight Kin – 15 pts – 2490 attrition score
Stand-in) Tim King – Basileans – 47pts – 3985 attrition score

And the awards…

Best Army – Chris Walsh – Forces of Nature









Wooden Spoon – Steven Pearson


Most Sporting: Peter Harrison (tied on two votes with Dan & Chris)


Third place: Dan King


Second Place – Chris Walsh – Forces of Nature


Regional Champion – Jez Gurney


So I’ve started a write up of my three games. Will be a little lighter on content than previous battle reports so instead will focus more on my opponents lists.

Also don’t forget there is 1 more UK Clash of Kings Regional to go!

The Midlands regional is happening at the Sanctuary Gaming Centre in Sutton-in-Ashfield (NG17 4GP), we’ve already got 15 signed up and it’s happening on July 4th! Plenty more space if you want to join us!

I’ll be back next week with my report

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