October 03/04 2015 – UK National Clash of Kings Final Report

You may have seen from Facebook the UK National Final for the Clash of Kings happened at Sanctuary Gaming Centre in Nottinghamshire.

Although we had sold 30 tickets plus the 6 Regional Champions (who each received a free ticket to attend) we had a few last minute drop outs leaving us on 31. Luckily we had planned for this and Dave Symonds from Mantic jumped in to make up the numbers. Dave took my Basileans that were currently unbeaten from the Clash of Kings Regionals and attempted to continue their good form.

Some gamers arrived Friday evening, including the contingent from Spain, and by about 9.30pm we had 10-12 Clash of Kings players in the venue having a chill out before the weekend.

Saturday we started bright an early and after a little logistical mix up picking up Dave and Rich from the Station we headed to the venue to finish set-up and get registration underway.


Registration complete we had a quick pre-event brief before kicking off!


We played 3 games Saturday (Invade, Kill and Pillage and Loot) and 3 games Sunday (Pillage, Dominate and Kill). Each round lasted 2 hours and each player had 55 minutes on their chess clock. And the players were running 2500pt lists.

There are loads of pictures and the odd report on our Facebook page but the whole weekend flew by! If you want to see action shots probably best to get over there as we’ll soon run out on this Blog post!


Saturday night most of the event went to a local pub to watch the rugby which then progressed into Karaoke.. there are pics and videos on the Kings of War Fanatics page… and we’ll leave that there! 😉

Lunch each day was booked into the Sutton Buffet for an all-you-can-eat buffet which seemed to go down really well with the players.


But there were plenty of other activities going on at the Sanctuary Gaming Centre over the weekend including Dungeon Saga Demo’s run by Rich:


The awards (you can find more pictures on our Facebook page)

Of course at the end of any Tournament we have awards & winners. Here are those from the 2015 Clash of Kings Final.

National Champion 2015 – Dan King


Best Army: Richard Heath





Most Sporting Carl Hofferber


And the full Final Standings:

  • Dan King – Undead (100pts)
  • Alan Thompson – Twilight Kin & Forces of Nature (88pts)
  • Darren Parkes – Elves & Ogres (83pts)
  • Miguel Angel Garcia – Undead (80pts)
  • Garry Sharp – Twilight Kin & Goblins
  • Richard Tomlinson – Undead
  • Carl Hofferber – Dwarf
  • Nick Williams – Undead
  • Dominic Staveacre – Orcs
  • Jez Gurney – Goblins & Ogres
  • Leon Chapman – Elves
  • Martyn Chate –Twilight Kin
  • Ian Davis – Twilight Kin & Ogres
  • Jose Maria Menendez – Kingdoms of Men
  • Christopher Prince – Elves
  • Jon Hickey – Ogres
  • Luke Whitehead – Undead
  • Roger Campa _ Undead
  • Richard Heath – Elves
  • Ed Herzig – Dwarf & Forces of Nature
  • Paul Whitehead – Kingdoms of Men
  • Henry Cooke – Basileans
  • Carlo Gino Contrino – Kingdoms of Men
  • Samuel Barker – Dwarf
  • Andrew Hartwell – Undead & Kingdoms of Men
  • Elliot Watson – Ogres
  • Mark Wright – Undead
  • Alex Love – Ogres
  • Jude Cosgrove – Forces of Nature
  • Keiron Alison – Dwarf & Ogres
  • Jonathan Faulkes – Ogres
  • Mantic Stand-in – Basileans

So a good spread of lists. No Abyssal Dwarfs which is sad (and I’m sure will make Ronnie sad). Any suggestions to why that might be? No Forces of the Abyss either but that’s probably mainly due to the lack of models currently.

Here are the top 4 lists. I know some of the others have been posting theirs up on the Kings of War Fanatics page so check that out for more.

Dan Kings National Champion winning army – Undead

Vampire of Dragon: Ensorcelled Armour

Cursed Pharaoh: Wings of Honeymaze

3 x Lykanis

2 x Revenant King’s on Undead horses

2 x Zombie Troll Horde

1 x Werewolf Horde: Brew of Strength

2 x Zombie Regiment

1 x Wraith Regiment: Chant of Hate

1 x Wrath Regiment: Blessings of the Gods

Alan Thompson – 2nd place list – Twilight Kin & Forces of Nature

Dark Lord with Mount

High Priestess: Bane Chant, Inspiring Talisman

High Priestess: Bane Chant, Myrddin’s Amulet of the Fire-heart

Army Standard Bearer: Crepognon’s Scrying Gem of Zellak

1 x Abyssal Riders Horde: Blessings of the Gods

2 x Gargoyle Troop

1 x Buccaneer Horde with Jar of the 4 Winds

1 x Crossbowmen Horde: Brew of Keen-eyeness

1 x Crossbowmen Horde: Hear-seeking Chant

2 x Twilight Kin Hydra

1 x Forces of Nature Hydra

1 x Salamander Horde

1 x Druid: Lightning Bolt, Scarletmaw’s Fenulian Amulet

Darren Parkes – 3rd placed list – Elves & Ogres

Dragon Kindred Lord: Ensorcelled armour

Army Standard Bearer on Horse

Kindred Archer Horde: Hear-seeking Chant

Forest Shambler Horde: Fire-Oil

3 x Stormwind Cavalry Regiments: Brew of Sharpness

Drakon Riders Horde: Helm of Confidence

4 x Bolt Throwers

Ogre Shooters: Brew of Keen-eyeness

Miguel Angel Garcia – 4th placed list – Undead

Cursed Pharaoh: Wings of Honeymaze

2 x Revenant Kings on Undead Wyrm’s (1 has Ensorcelled armour)

3 x Soul Reaver Cav Regiments (1 has Maccwar’s Potion of the Caterpillar)

2 x Werewolf Hordes

2 x Wraith Regiments

What is really good to see is the balance of the lists. The usually min/maxing and spamming of other systems isn’t really apparent. Speed is still a big factor in the game it seems and the manoeuvrability of flyers in the top lists allowed them to get round and attack the enemies biggest threats.

So with the results in we have our UK National Champion – congratulations to Dan for retaining his crown. A close end again with 2 players in contention in the last round and 6 more playing off for 2nd and 3rd. Thanks to all the entrants for playing the event in a sporting manner – very few issues for me or my Head Ref. Thanks to Matt Gilbert for Ref’ing, Dave Symonds for standing in, Rich Armstrong for Event Support and Dungeon Saga Demo’s and of course Sanctuary Gaming Centre for hosting us. I’m sure Mantic will be back as I’d expect the event to expand even more next year – 50 players maybe???

So that’s it! Clash of Kings over for another year – and what a great year it’s been. I’ve travelled over 1500 miles around the country to the Regionals and then returned to Nottinghamshire for the Final. Last year we think we had about 16 players in the Final – this year 32! Next year let’s see it grow to over 50!!

But this event also marks my last for the Company as I’m off to pastures new. I would like to thank all the Staff, Retailers and players I’ve met over the years running the UK Kings of War Regionals and Finals. It’s been a real honour to be on this journey with you and the Kings of War game and wish you all the best for the future! I’ll be back next year but as a punter – hopefully entering the North West Regional as that’s where I’ll be based and then onto the final.

Till then, good luck and goodbye!

Tim King

Clash of Kings Tournament Organiser 2015

Clash of Kings Will Return In 2016

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