Clash of Kings Road Trip: Part 8– Goings on across the Pond

Things have been a little quiet on the Kings of War front for me but I have big plans for the Easter weekend (along with the garden!) to get a load of my Basileans painted and ready for the Welsh Clash of Kings at Firestorm Games in 2 weeks. We have 14 players signed up already and plenty of space for more gamers if you want to join us! To find out more details check out the Event’s Facebook page here:


Of course Kings of War is a global beast and across the pond in the Colonies there was a little thing called Adepticon going down a fortnight ago. Ronnie flew over and along with our US Staff ran a Trade stand, Demo games and a few Mantic Events.

 Mantic’s Ace Reporter and North American Pathfinder – Mike Carter – gives us the low down!

This year’s North American Kings of War Clash of Kings Championship at Adepticon was the largest North American Kings of War tournament yet with 18 players.

Group Shot

It started off with a grudge match between Mantic Radio’s Andrew Sherman and Mantic’s own Joe Neet. These two became so preoccupied with pounding on each others armies that they forgot about the objectives in the pillage scenario, and ended up with a draw!

Andrew v Joe

Joe unfortunately had to withdraw after the match, and Mantic Pathfinder Mike Muller stepped in to take his place.

Round 1 ended with four players having totally crushed their opponents, battling it out on the top two tables for round 2. Objectives were taken, enemies were crushed, and the lamentations of their families was heard throughout the hall. At the end however, the top two players headed to the final table with only one point between them.

The fight for first was a matchup seen often before, as two players from Dayton Ohio met up again. Kara Brown faced Jon Carter, who had beaten her the previous two times she had faced his Undead in tournaments (though Kara was playing Abyssal Dwarfs instead of her Basileans). Jon surged across the table, but the dice gods abandoned him and he bounced off her DE 6+ golems while Kara’s dice were hot, with her artillery wiping out one of his endless swarms of zombies in a single turn, and the entire force by turn 5.

1st Kara Brown Abyssal Dwarfs

Kara Brown’s Abyssal Dwarfs

Kara took the championship, Andrew Sherman beat his way up to second, and David Boll, last years North American Clash of Kings winner came in third.

Andrew Sherman's Kingdom of Men

Andrew Sherman’s Kingdom of Men

David Boll's Dwarf Army

David Boll’s Dwarf Army

Jon soothed his wounds by taking home the award for best appearance, while Rob Phaneuf won best character with his undead Standard Bearer (both were fantastic, using Mantic points figures), and Shannon Shoemaker won for Best War Engine with a Lesser Obsidian Golem converted to represent an Angkor mortar.

Best Appearance Jon Carter Undead

Best Appearance Jon Carter Undead

Best Character Rob Phaneuf Undead Standard Bearer

Best Character Rob Phaneuf Undead Standard Bearer

Best WarEngine Shannon Shoemaker Golem Mortar

Best WarEngine Shannon Shoemaker Golem Mortar

There was a good representation of armies, with eight of the twelve lists represented (Basileans, Twilight Kin, Forces of the Abyss and Orcs were absent), with four undead armies.

Everyone had a great time, and challenges are already being made for next year.

Tim  – Thanks for the write up Mike! If anyone is interested in seeing more pictures of the goings on at Adepticon check out our Facebook page and that of Mantic Games North America Events.

Hopefully have a proper update on my army for you all next week!

Remember – if you want to join us in Cardiff tickets are still available and everyone gets a Goody Bag (including some Ogre Shooters!) just for taking part!

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