The galaxy is burning. As the might of humanity pushes ever outwards from the GCPS, they encounter new and more dangerous threats amongst the stars. The forefront of the all-powerful Council of Seven’s response is the deadly Enforcers. Clad in the best armour that money can buy, and armed with weapons of devastating power, they ensure that the Council’s interests are protected.

In such an age, information is power. Amongst the Enforcers there are elite units whose purpose is recon and Intel gathering for the larger fleet. The Pathfinders are lightly armoured, to enable stealth and rapid deployment. They are experts at operating independently, without support for long periods of time. Dropped into the most hazardous environments, they are the vanguard of an Enforcer assault, and vital to its success.

Enforcer Peacekeepers Sprue - also funded through Kickstarter.

One half of the Enforcer Peacekeepers Sprue – also funded through Kickstarter.

Thanks to the generous support of our Kickstarter backers, the tooling and production of the Hard Plastic Enforcer Pathfinders set has successfully been funded. These scouts add a lightly armoured and cheaper option to your Deadzone Strike Team. They follow on the heels of our new Enforcers and Peacekeepers, who were recently released to retail.

MG_Deadzone_Infestation_Kickstarter_5The new sprue has five pathfinder models. Each of these will be superbly detailed, the design based on the Deadzone Mercenary Recon N32 . Each of the components has been digitally sculpted, so you can expect the same level of quality and inter-changeability as the Enforcers or Peacekeepers.


Each model is made up of a head, two arms carrying a weapon, a torso, and a pair of legs. These are broadly separated in male and female varieties; three women, two men.  These have a few extra options in terms of legs and torso poses, including running and kneeling versions.  There are seven heads on the sprue to choose from, each sporting a set of goggles or some pretty darn radical haircuts!
The sprue carries several rifles in ‘firing’ or ‘at ease’ poses. Each of these comes in only two matched parts and so are quick and easy to assemble for your force. There is also a range of additional arms and pouches to really add a sense of character to your models – pointing out a target, firing off a snap-shot with a pistol, or pulling a knife for the up-close kill. There’s even a cloak for those of you who want to add some extra camouflage to your models.


The models are made to 28mm scale, to ensure that they are fully compatible with other sci-fi miniatures games. They work well as professional sci-fi troopers or even well-equipped cyber-punk gangers. The heads, in particular, are going to be awesome for conversion (and of course, you get two more than you need on the sprue). These will fit into any game that makes use of scouts or lightly armoured infantry.

These new models are available on the Deadzone: Infestation Kickstarter campaign, as a pack of five models for $10 PLUS a free D.O.G. Recon Drone!

There are 9 days left of the Deadzone: Infestation Kickstarter – check out what’s on offer!

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