Terracotta Army…

19th Oct 2011


Some fo you love it, some of you hate it – and a few of you have even been poking fun!

What am I talking about – I am talking about the colour scheme we chose for the Forge Fathers.


I can tell you it was a very heated debate at Mantic Towers too! There was some serious office politics (and not inconsiderable bribery and corruption!).

Once you see the army on the battlefield you can see why we opted for the blue – they cut a striking and bold swath through the enemy ranks.


However, we always intended to have some fun with this race – after all there is not too many space dwarf ideas out there to reference and harness into a cohesive feel. This whole range came together from scratch.

I also envisaged that that the Forge Father armies would be unique and characterful – referring back to the individual Dwarven kingdoms from ancient times.

Below you can see some of the other ideas and colour schemes, mostly worked through Photoshop that came up at the beginning of the launch. Let us know your thoughts, or if you want to colour your own scheme and post it up on Facebook.




7891011altcolorsforgefathers1Phew – this is just a small compilation of some of the alternate colour schemes out there, we’re sure there’s more!

Anyway, the outcome of all this is that we have decided to have some fun. I am going to ask our resident painters (Golem, Chris Straw) and a few others to paint an interesting and unique scheme on one model.  If anyone wants to see a Mantic Forge Father army pro-painted in there scheme then submit a model (any pro-painted that submit a model will get the commission for 2 10 man units).

If you want to have a go please do, it will be great fun. The paint job does not have to be Golden Demon standard, just neat and clean so the design and scheme stands out. The winner will be the one we think will look best taking into consideration the design of the Forge Fathers and how the army will look when being photographed and on the tabletop.

I know Tommie at Golem will be doing a Terracotta scheme, what will yours be like?