Phew! The Mantic Open Day 2013 has been and gone, and what a day it was! Over 150 people arrived in sunny* Nottingham to play games, see previews of new models and press Ronnie for all sorts of information that we were planning to keep under wraps for a while**. There was a great atmosphere on the day, especially at the ManticBowl tournament, and the studio room was constantly packed with people trying to get a good look at Deadzone and the new releases cabinet!

The ManticBowl was a huge success - roll on the next one!

The ManticBowl was a huge success – roll on 2014!


The Mantic Seminars have always been a key part of our Open Days, and this year was no different. Ronnie, Jake and Alessio took turns chatting about all things Mantic and answering questions from the audience, and the experience was only enhanced by the mood lighting***! If you couldn’t make it, the Mantic Forums are brimming with information, photos and even the occasional video of what you missed!

Here's Jake, communicating with a being  of pure light.

Ronnie chose this moment to level up and become a being of pure light. (Possibly.)

Keep watching the blog today for more information about what happened this weekend – and if you were there let us know what you thought of the day in the comments below!

*Until the afternoon, when the heavens opened and the torrential downpour started! Yay, England. 
**It’s okay, we generally expect three out of every four Mantic secrets to get Ronnied at some point…
***Don’t worry – future Mantic events will have much more reliable lighting! 
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