Ronnie brought us news last week that the Mantic Journal will be disappearing from the shelves in it’s current format and today marks the countdown to the digital revolution… the Journal will soon be available to purchase via digital download as will the full colour Kings of War rulebook.

So it’s at this point that we start getting a bit bleary eyed – Orcy had to wipe away a solitary tear from his cheek as we delved into our “Treasure Chest of Firsts” (otherwise known as Collette’s Project Box) and produced the first Mantic Journal – Mhorgoth’s Revenge.


Mhorgoth’s Revenge featured the battle between the Elves and the Undead – it talked through assembling your troops, took the Elves out of the box for a close-up and featured our first battle report, taking a closer look at Malak the Vampire Lord and Tydarion Dragonlord.

What you might not know was that it was this Journal that led to the Mhorgoth figure being released to purchase. We’d always intended to keep it as an exclusive Mantic Point item, but felt it strange that whilst the Journal was all about this powerful necromancer, you couldn’t get him without a lot of Mantic Points.


Finally, we leave it to Pete McFarland to sum up the journal as left as a review on our website – “Have just finished reading this, and was blown away by how fantastic it was. Wonderfully imaginative, it manages to take a fresh view on the Fantasy genre- and the price can’t be beaten!” Asgard Miniature Painting Studio, 20/10/2010.

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