We’ve come a long, long way together – it’s a poignant title that means a great deal and none more so when we get to show the fantastic work that people do using our figures. We’ve more Zombies to show you today by the guys from Golem Painting studio… and if you’re coming to the Open Day this Saturday, you’ll get to see them in person!

But if you can’t make it to the Open Day, check them out here:


Of course, this weekend is a celebration of all things Mantic, and not just if you’re attending the Open Day! We’ve individual sprues up on the website, so if you want to add a command group to your Ironwatch for instance, or can’t help but need more cannons, you now can! As well as this, we’ve made the Limited Edition Dwarf Enginner with Drill, yep, the figure that comes free with a subscription to the Mantic Journal, available on the website as well!

Not only this but we have some great Army Deals running on the website – I won’t go into too much detail, but over 100 plastic models and ton of metal figures for less than £100? Check them out here! As well as this, do not forget that these large army deals ship postage free and that all orders over £50, €75 and $99 ship with the added benefit of a free Mantic Messenger Bag worth £18!

Of course, we imagine our Twitter feed and Facebook page to be going mad on the Saturday as our guest celebrities take over Mantic Towers.. Alessio Cavatore will have games of our brand new Kings of War running all day and  Tommie Soule from Golem Painting Studio will be running painting lessons throughout the day with favourite Mike McVey showing off his skills with a paint brush as he paints our amazing new zombies!

Bob Naismith is also at hand and you can also chat to Guy Haley about the latest issue and future direction of the Mantic Journal, and can even pick up a copy at our special store set-up where you can pick up any of our box sets, including some snazzy army deals!

We still have a limited number of ticket deals on offer, so what are you waiting for, grab your ticket now, before it is too late!

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