Continuing on from yesterday’s new Soul Reaver knights, we’re proud to introduce our new Plastic Resin Undead Wraiths. Plastic Resin is a superior material to metal in that it holds detail like Resin, but with all the benefits of plastic. That’s not the best bit however, oh no. We’ve managed to double the number of figures into the box at the same price as the previous metal set. As we all know, the price of metal is getting expensive and so by switching the popular Wraiths to this more affordable material, we’ve passed on the cost savings to you guys! How’s that for value for money?


The Wraiths are all new sculpts as well, making for a nicely varied unit that will integrate nicely with the metal one’s if you were lucky enough to pick up a set of them. If you click on the thumbnails below you’ll be able to check out all the cool details on the armour and robes much more closely. Check out the Undead Wraiths here for more pictures!

Undead-Wraith-with-Scythe-small-Mantic-GamesUndead-Wraith-with-sword---small-Mantic-GamesClick on the thumbnails to expand the image – painted by Golem Painting Studio

The new resin plastic Undead Wraiths are now available to pre-order alongside the new Vampire Lord and Soul Reavers, and also feature in our Undead Elites Army Set – check back tomorrow for more details on that!

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