Welcome to Corporation Week – the build-up to Sunday’s Christmas Present from Mantic… the first unveiling of the Corporation, exclusive to our newsletter list.

Mantic Games Corporation-Troopers-1Mantic-Games-Corporation-Troopers-2

Over the week we’re going to take a good look at the Corporation, it’s background and the concepts behind the figures. On Sunday, provided you are signed up, you’ll get a newsletter from Mantic complete with pictures of the upcoming sculpts. Then, in January, we’ll have a second week dedicated to the Corporation as we delve into this new range in more detail. We’re even giving away a free Corporation Dossier in January on our newsletter – an insider Mantic document dedicated to the Corporation.

So get in line soldier – enlist here for your Corporation Christmas Present and keep checking back to the blog all this week for all things Corporation.

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