Corporation Striders


‘Strider’ is actually a generalised term for any bipedal vehicle employed by the Corporations, but is most often used to describe the GR77 model employed by the Enforcers as a mobile infantry fire support platform. Standing at roughly twice the height of a man, the GR77 is equipped with a Genling 88 HLS-X Burst Laser, an upgunned version of the G87 carried by infantry. Originally designed as a fixed mounting weapon for vehicles and static positions, the size and power of a Strider allows it to be handled as a portable weapon, giving a mobile source of heavy suppression fire.

Corporation-Rebs-Plague Strider

The original template for the Strider comes from a labour saving device – an exo-suit that would allow workers to carry heavy loads. The GR77 was a derivation of the GR75 – a workhorse platform used in the re-arming and maintenance of orbital and sub-orbital fighter craft in their hangars. The GR77 incorporates significant armour upgrades and combat software and sensors, but otherwise remains substantially the same in form and operation. This means that Striders literally carry their weaponry in massive four digit armoured hands, allowing them to ‘holster’ the weapon when required in order to manipulate their environment. Thus, an experienced Strider operator can actually pick up enemy armoured vehicles, or assist stranded friendlies where required. Unlike other similar constructs, this means that they are able to offer assistance in both a battlefield and logistical capacity.

Corp Strider

On Nexus Psi, the Enforcers have found that Striders are greatly beneficial to their operations. In urban combat operations, they are more able to manoeuvre than a tank or similar armoured vehicle, and can be used to easily and quickly dismantle barricades and gain ingress to facilities in a state of lockdown. They can also make sure that heavy equipment and support weaponry is rapidly and effectively maintained and reloaded ready for the next mission. They form an essential part of keeping operations fluid and mobile in the midst of the Deadzone.

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