There were many arguments in the office when we were working through DreadBall, mostly about which team we were going to have! The other thing of course was what was our favourite part of the game, and I think mine has to be the book…

The DreadBall Rulebook is an 84 page A4 full colour, perfect bound monster that we’ve really gone to town on. It contains league rules, player advancement, four teams and eight MVPS, as well as some gorgeous colour photos and rules for things like fouls, the ref, cards and more.

Below I’ve included some cool shots from the book – a little sample of everything you get in the book. Check it out!

Our current stretch goal is chasing down Reek Rolat and unlocking the Veer-myn team.

The DreadBall Kickstarter is doing amazingly well – keep an eye out for more updates to come!