Our specially trained word goblin Gruzkin (well, actually the magazine’s editor!) brings you great news…

I’m here to tell you all about our fantastic new magazine, the very first issue of which we’re putting together right now! You’ll have heard about it on these blogs before, a mention here, whisper there… Well, it’s all real, and it’s coming your way.
Called The Mantic Journal, and each issue will focus on a particular conflict. In this first, Mhorgoth’s Revenge, we see a team up between the wicked Necromancer, Mhorgoth  and the even less pleasant vampire, Malak, as they march on a ruined Elven city, intending to increase their army with the bodies of Elves and Men slain in battle aeons past. Are the Elves going to stand back and let them get away with it? Not on your nelly! There’s a big scrap brewing in southern Elvenholme, and we’re offering you front seat tickets (or perhaps more appropriately, front line tickets).
Every issue of The Mantic Journal will be packed full of beautifully painted models, hobby tips, painting guides, background, stories, history, Mantic points and more, stuff so secret I’d have to kill you if I told you about it, it’s that cool.
We’ve all been getting really excited about the magazine. It’ll be out in May, and I guarantee that when you see it, you’ll drool more than an ogre in a creche.

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