Well yesterday was a little bit hectic!

Today we’re going to have a couple of posts – a bumper DreadBall day!

Starting with…

The Enforcer!

Rumour has it that a number of ex-DreadBall players have joined the elite Corporation unit known as the Enforcers, but as far as anyone can tell this MVP is the only individual to make the change the other way about.

Painted by Golem Painting Studio

It is possible that the Enforcer was a DreadBall player before he joined the military, and is simply returning to his roots. It’s hard to be certain as his official story keeps changing. What is a particular curiosity is his armour, which seems to be almost an entire suit of Enforcer battle armour – a rare and expensive piece of kit. It even retains its integral jump pack, which allows the Enforcer to be even faster and more agile than he doubtless is naturally.

Given the unit’s reputation, it is hardly surprising that the Enforcer takes to the field as a Guard. In this capacity he has limitless opportunity to express himself through the medium of violence; a prodigious talent that he is happy to employ for anyone who can find his fee.

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