What a month we’ve had so far!
Did you know, there’s only five days to go until the end of our Kickstarter? It’s been an epic rollercoaster.  And we’re only five days from the end, so if you want to pledge, please get in on it now!  You can only join in for a few more days though, so please do jump on it now if you want the game and exclusives!

What we’ve got so far – the highlights

So, instead of recapping *everything* we’ve unlocked, I thought I’d cover the ‘best bits’ in my opinion, and five reasons you should consider pledging before it’s too late.

  1. Plastic furniture: One of these most requested items on our Kickstarter comments hitlist was the plastic furniture that has since been unlocked.  We’re also open to suggestions and discussion about plastic doors (do it here!)
    furnitureDon’t they look excellent?  And they’re now included in the Dungeon Master (base) pledge, and you can grab extras as an addon too!
  2. Two amazing expansions:  When we started out, we wanted to do the boxed set for Dungeon Saga.  In one of the meetings it had been floated that we might, maybe, get to do an expansion.   Naievely (remember, this is my very first Kickstarter), I thought we might hit one in the final few days.
    We’ve now got not one, but two!  The Warlords of Galahir which is a Greenskin expansion ($25 added to your pledge) and now, we’re quite rapidly filling out our Infernal Crypts (Abyssals) expansion (as shown below).  Plus, you’re getting some of these models in with your pledge!
  3. $1 pledge level and create your own model ($1,250) and retailer levels: We don’t want to leave anyone out!  Whether you’re a retailer wanting to get into the goodness that is this soon to be staple fantasy game in as many people’s houses and gaming clubs as we can manage, or you want to just grab the great value addons and aren’t so bothered about the game itself, we’ve got a pledge level for you.  Below is an Elohi designed for an avid collector from our Kings of War range.
     elohi designed customWith this pledge level YOU can create the character of your dreams to reside in the game world forever.
  4. Addons – as I mentioned above, if you’re not so worried about grabbing the game right now (though, why wouldn’t you?) you can pledge a dollar and join in on our Add-on Wednesdays.  We’ve added some really great bundles to that (which I’ll highlight tomorrow, for those that have missed it), so you can grab some really great minis and kit for your collection with ease.warlords
  5. The base box:  If you’ve not already pledged into the base box, which just keeps growing and growing, you’re missing out on the fantasy treat of the decade in my opinion.  At last update this was what was in the box, all for $100.  The deadline to get the exclusive models is rapidly approaching and in five days, it’ll be all over for our Kickstarter exclusives.  Don’t miss out!
    100 base

With all of the goodness that is this Kickstarter (and with deepest thanks to those that have already pledged for helping us to unlock all of this epic kit), you really don’t want to miss out.  In the next few days, we’ll also be announcing more stretch goals and will be adding even more – come join in!

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