The end has come and gone for the first edition of Kings of War. We are about to undertake a new age with the game of fantasy battles, as we plunge into Kings of War 2nd Edition.

Sharpen your sword soldier, it’s time for war!

What is Kings of War?

Kings of War is a game where big armies of miniatures clash on the tabletop. It’s fast, fun and elegant, using simple rules and balanced army lists to allow you to play a game in around 1-2 hours.


In Kings of War, you are the general of an army. An army is made up of miniatures on square bases, ranked up into units. If you’ve already got a fantasy army you will be able to use it in Kings of War.


There are eleven forces to choose from initially. All of the rules and army lists are included in the one book, with a supplementary book released later with lists for armies we don’t yet make miniatures for. High on the list we get asked for are fantasy Veer-myn and reptiles.

Here are the initial armies:

– Abyssal Dwarfs

– Basileans

– Dwarfs

– Elves

– Forces of the Abyss

– Forces of Nature

– Goblins

– Kingdoms of Men

– Ogres

– Orcs

– Undead

Each army is rich in character and background, and each has new units with which to wage war with over the previous edition. You can also ally armies so that you can play with a couple of units from across different races.

This piece of the art will be on the final cover for the 2nd Edition Rulebook, by Ralph Horsley. It features the Ogres and Red Goblins fighting an Undead horde.



Kings of War rules are deliberately simple to learn but difficult to master. What we mean by this is that everything from moving to shooting to destroying entire units is written in a concise way with few rules, but the consequence of that on the tabletop is huge.

Firstly, you will spend time playing the game rather than looking up rules.

Secondly, the game favours a unified strategy and combined tactics. Positioning and supporting your attack is crucial to victory – do you flank attack and risk exposing your units to counter-charge, or do you charge head first into battle and go toe-to-toe in battle? Casual generals and tournament-goers will find the massive amount of tactical choice, options and flavour compelling, competitive and fun.

Here’s a few previews from inside the new book:





We hope you enjoy this next couple of weeks of special previews for Kings of War – The Game of Fantasy Battles.

This week we’ll have more information on the Kings of War Free Rules download, plus more on how to get started with the new edition and why you should make Kings of War your number one fantasy game.

The Kings of War Rulebook is now available to pre-order and will begin shipping August. Get yours now.

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