First up, a request – we want to see your Forge Fathers armies so please post them up on the Forum and on our Facebook page and let’s see your models!

There’s nothing we like more than a good bit of background, and if you’ve not already then why not check out our Forge Fathers hub? It includes some hidden gems, like The Good Hew – a Forge Father story by Guy Haley:

“Chief Brokkr Dunkan “The Good Hew” Trukki gunned his engines, swerving as a new crater gouged itself out of the ground in front of him, his bike slid on thin soil, and he threw himself hard to one side of the saddle. Anti-locking mechanisms in the wheels and stabilisation gyros in the centre of the bike did the rest. Fishtailing on wet rocks by the river, his bike regained its balance.

“That was too close,” he grumbled, his voice like stones clacking together. His lips pressed hard on his cigar, forcing strands of the tobacco onto his tongue. The humans were throwing everything they had at them…” Read more!

We’ve also had pics of this bad boy floating around the office:

This model is based on the cover art of a previous edition of Tabletop Insider and will be joining the Forge Fathers later in the year.

Don’t forget that tomorrow will see Warpath 2.0 become available for free download on the Newsletter – so if you haven’t already, get signed up! The new rules will come with the Corporation and Marauder lists intially, closely followed by Forge Fathers and Veer-myn.

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