There are two views about ‘big reveal week’. There is Mr Palmer’s side of the story that you can see over on Facebook – my company, so I get the blog, which you are reading here…

I am sure when I discussed it with Chris (without any jazz hands action) I just said ‘ let’s get one of those cool weeks where we have great stories every day and it builds over the week, like we used to do’.

Now, with usual Mantic Hyperbole, we have ended up with a bright logo and ‘Big Reveal Week’!

What I really hope is that next week you will keep checking into the blog and our social media so we can show you what we have been working on. That’s because we are really proud of the work that had been going into Kings of War and Dungeon Saga. The whole team has been working long hard hours to get everything to where it is.

In fact we have been so busy doing the work we haven’t actually been sharing with you what great progress we have been making. Each day of the week we are going to open the studio areas of mantic and, with interviews from the game designers or new product shots we are going to share the massive amount of work that has been going into both these systems. We’ll also have our thoughts about where the games go next – and even a few sneak peeks of the work we have been putting into Warpath.

To get the ball rolling click here to see the (very rough) contents shot for Dungeon Saga. On Monday we will show off the brand new art that we commissioned, with its development from the early roughs through to a beautiful finished piece. We’ll have shots of the cards and the character sheets – which are now all over with the printers.

UnknownThis is roughly what it will look like on the shelves. You can see more of what’s inside here on the website.

During the rest of the week we will be looking at some of the Dungeon Saga models, and we will be focusing in on the character development – which is a major component of the Dwarf Kings hold quest – and also one of the central points in the Adventurers Companion (which is a stand-alone tabletop miniatures game!)

If that wasn’t enough we will roll right into Kings of War and show off the fantastic new Abyssal sculpts, latest version of the rules and insights and development notes from Alessio and the rules committee.

Throughout there will be words from the team who have been pulling all this together, from the artists, graphics and writers and Wednesday sees me on Beasts of War (live at 7pm BST) sharing what further developments we have planned for Kings of War in the years ahead.

We will sprinkle in some competitions and I am sure I will leak more than 1 or 2 things I ought not to as well.

I really hope you will come over to the Blog/Facebook/Twitter/Beasts of War and Bell of Lost Souls to find exclusive info and see what great work has been going on to bring you world class miniature and tabletop games.

Thanks for reading and look forward to seeing you next week…



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