“Hello, Chopper Lewis here and welcome to a special segment of Dreadball Wives: GCPS Sphere 1 on DSPN.  At this time we’d like to apologize for the interruption to take you to a special news conference where DIGBY spokesperson George Renton is set to make a special announcement.  5 time MVP Jonny P is on sight at this time.  Jonny, does anyone at this time know what the big announcement is?”

“Hey everyone Jonny P here.  At this time, Chopper, people are speculating that there is some big announcement concerning Dreadball and that something big is supposed to happen on Earth.  Right now it’s anyone’s guess as to what’s coming up.  My guess is that it’s gonna be….wait hold on….George is coming to podium right now.”

“Good evening folks.  With the ever increasing popularity of Dreadball, the governing body of Dreadball, or DGB, has decided to announce that the planet Earth will host a tournament circuit.  1 will be held in Europe with that championship to be determined at this time. The second will be held in North America.  It has been decided that the Championship tournament for that circuit will be the Adepticorp Cup.  Winners from all the regions in the North America Dreadball circuit or NADC, will represent their regional tournaments/leagues in a giant competition that will culminate at Adepticorp Stadium.  It has also been announced by DGB president that the winners of both circuits will then compete for a world wide Championship or Rykers Cup to be held at each respective circuit’s Championship stadiums.  We would also like to announce that the governing body has decided that Chopper Lewis will be appointed commissioner of the NADBC and in his easily manipulated hands and with the direction of DGB, the NADC will reach great things.  As the popularity of this circuit gains, other worlds will see tournament circuits start in their respected Dreadball leagues.  A list of corporations that will comprise the NADC will be released shortly.  At this time I would ask that you reserve your questions till after I’ve left the podium. Thank you.”

“….you ain’t kidding, easily manipulated…..OH! So there you have it Chopper, a spectacular announcement for the planet Earth and Dreadball fans all over!  Let me be the first to congratulate you on your new position and I am excited to see what this circuit brings to the table for Dreadball.  More I’m sure will come on the exciting announcement. I’m Jonny P reporting to you on the creation of the North American Dreadball Circuit or NADBC. Back to you Chopper and Dreadball Wives: GCPS Sphere 1 on DSPN.”


Here is a list of Corporations and their official sponsored tournaments.  Most of these at this time have dates to be determined.  All dates should be up by the end of next week.  You ask how does the NADC work?  Well here it is in a nutshell.  North America is divided into 4 conferences; North, South, East, and West.  In each conference there will be anywhere from 2-4 regional tournaments initially.  The winners of those regionals will win a Blaine trophy and a free entry in to the National Championship which will be held at Adepticon.  It is Ronnie’s plan to have the European Champion and the North American Champion play for a World Champion Title.

As we move forward we are hoping to get a point ranking system and web site up and running but until then we will be using a regional system for now.  Look on the Mantic North American Facebook page for the Conferences and for up coming regional tournament announcements.  For now these are the participating Corporations and their tournaments.  If you have any questions please feel free to email Communitypat@manticgames.com.

More and more Corporations are applying to join the NADC so keep an eye out on the North American Events Facebook page and this blog post as it will be updated regularly.

NADC Corporations


Zlurpcor Intergalactic    Tournament Date: 6/13 at Games Plus in Mt. Prospect, IL

The multi-zillion dollar corporation now known as Zlurpcor Intergalactic came from just humble beginnings born out of greed, lack of morals and entrepreneurial spirit!

Robert Vongraft I spent his days digging through trash in hopes of turning something into treasure. One day, he found it. It was an old secret recipe for a fun flavorful kid’s drink called a “Zlurpee”. He was about to discard until his eyes lit up with green dollar signs as bright as the green Zlurpee in the recipe. The concept was simple, take the fun great taste, but load it up with some of the most addictive chemicals known to man, and still marketing it towards kids. Pay off a few scientists and of course the shadiest lawyers around to turn this once-harmless kid’s drink into Zlurpmaxx: The highest revenue generating energy drink/rocket fuel on the market today!

While Zlurpcor Intergalactic now owns hundreds of product lines, it was the beverage of Zlurpmaxx that put both the Vongraft family and the company on the map. All major competition for both energy drinks and rocket fuel was bought out by Zlurpcor Intergalactic, making it one of the largest Corporate Sponsors in the DGB.

The next step was simple, take it to the next level by arranging the Zlurpcor Intergalactic Regional Championship. Zlurpmaxx may only contain .00004% natural ingredients, but it’s 100% pure profit when it comes to the North American Dreadball Circuit. Green pitches on the ground, green drinks in the crowd, green currency in the Vongraft bank account, and green envy in the eyes of the not-so-well-off DGB Corporate Sponsors.

With that said, recent headlines in the holo-news of Vanessa, great grand-daughter of the founder of Zlurpcor, hijacking a Zlurpmaxx Promotional Vehicle to side with a Rebel group hiding out in Goat Sector 58 on Nexus Psi cannot be good for company image. How can current president, Robert Vongraft III control this corporation if he can’t even control his daughter. More on this story as it develops.


General Control Games     Tournament Date: 7/31 @ Gen Con in Indianapolis, IN

General Control Games or Gen Con, started out as a prison rehabilitation program. Specializing in using mind games “simulating Dreadball” as “reeducating “prisoners before being released. The brain child of Warden Zachariah Melson, it was soon apparent to him how successful this program was going to be.

Starting his own company, Zachariah soon marketed his “game rehabilatiaion” program to other prisons. After all prisons in the GCPS were using some form of the Melson program, Zachariah soon marketed the program to schools with problem students. Increasing the wealth of Gen Con.

Soon millions of kids and ex-cons were so attuned to Dreadball, that Zachariah Melson founded the Gen Con Tournament.  Once a year, coaches from all over the GCPS come to the Gen Con tournament to try their teams against the Melson “trained” players.  It is even said that in the underground world of Dreadball Extreme, Warden Melson can be seen earning extra MC’s for General Control Games though Gen Con spokespersons will say that is just rumor started by other corporations try to stain the good name of Zachariah Melson.

Nubrask-Corp   Tournament date: 9/12/15 @ Gauntlet Games in Lincoln, NE

It’s often said that behind every great man, there’s a great woman. It’s also said that behind every ultra-successful intergalactic corporation, there’s the supplier of goods for said corporation. We here at NUBRASK-Corp pride ourselves on being that great supplier. Zlurpcor Intergalactic has been our most reliably customer for the past 35 years since the demise of the beef-type food industry that once raged across the plains like the smoking multi-storied industrial complex it was.

Since the humble origins of supplying the genetically modified, highly addictive, and ultra-high fructose corn syrup for the production of Zlurpee beverages, and later Zlurpmaxx, we have provided our shareholders with exponentially increasing profit with the spread of Zlurpcor and its subsidiary companies. Originally designed as fuel for the hamburger trains that now blanket the Midwest as the mobile beef-type food production units, we discovered that the actual genetically modified corn syrup we were using was actually a relatively safe food additive. Only moderately addictive and in very rare occasions, fatal. It wasn’t until the “accidental” ingestion by one of the 24 hour pilots of these multi storied manufacturing complexes, that the testing began in earnest.

Our founder, Herbert “Husker” Von Hoofanschtupper, began the legal proceedings to expedite the patents process and was able to endorse certain candidates that were agreeable to his plight. Upon the conversion on the University of Nebraska’s newest acquisition, the Pinnacle Bank Arena as its massive brew house and chemical storage facility, the massive juggernaut of NUBRASK-Corp thundered into life. The entrepreneurial spirit surged forth from the lagging returns of the beef-type food industry to rise like a highly combustible phoenix into the ever gray skies of the heartland.

After the proper financial transactions were completed with the Vongraft family of Zlurpcorp fame did the shareholders see the massive influx of capital that now allows NUBRASK-Corp to be second only to the Zlurpcor Intergalactic powerhouse in the NABDC Corporations. With future revenue streams being researched in the Exham IV region through careful negotiations with the indigenous races there, we are looking forward to a future even more profitable than the 4000% increase in our profit margins our last quarter showed.

The reports of possible disagreeable response from any other financial entities are considered alarmist and unpatriotic to our plight and encourage such stirrings to be quelled within your own individual sub groups. The current increase of activity in the Exham IV region only goes to show the market does, in fact, show a very, very profitable area of expansion. One might go so far as to say an infiltration of the current profit shares would infest the Co-Prosperity Sphere to our inevitable financial benefit.


Neo-Tek Tesla Corp.    Tournament date: TBD

After the mysterious death of the previous CEO, the Neo-Tek Corporation found itself without leadership and fell into substantive disarray. In a swift measure of corporate gymnastics, the company was saved by the seven siblings from one of the most powerful families in the known universe, The Grubaughs. These new owners split the corporation in what seemed like a death sentence for the galactic superpower. However, within months of the split, The Grubaughs announced a new Dreadball tournament to shake the galaxy. An intergalactic tournament to bring in teams from across the unified sectors, including humans and aliens of all forms, to celebrate the greatest game ever invented.

The tournament is to take place on the galaxy’s most famous arena, the Neo-Tek Tesla Dome. The glass-floored dome sits atop the largest power plant on the planet and is a crowd favorite as electricity sends colorful sparks across the floor throughout the game. The Grubaughs promise everlasting fortune to the winners and fame for the survivors, along with a return to the most carnal nature of Dreadball and the crowd pleasing blood-bath it entails. Join us for the tournament sure to turn the Dreadball machine on its head: The Neo-Tek Tesla Tournament.



DC/DC   Tournament Date: 4/26 at Labyrinth Games & Puzzles in Washington DC

The Supreme Regent has been impressed with the Red Planets’ DreadBall record.  Acknowledging that while this small force has shifted its priorities from galactic domination to competitive superiority, he still feels a reward is in order.  That a commendation could also serve an ulterior motive is completely coincidental…

Cyber Optic Red Team (CORT), an elite segment of the Martian Science Division, has been deployed to the Red Planets’ Saucer by the Supreme Regent’s orders.  CORT has been tasked with sponsoring and hosting a DreadBall tournament in the saucer’s hangar. The grand prize? The District of Columbia DreadBall Cup.

Participating DreadBall teams agreed to compete in such an unorthodox setting partly from curiosity, and partly from intimidation.  The pitch is a devastating spectacle: CORT adorns the stadium with holographic images of the glorious burning of the Earth capitol – Washington, D.C. – which occurred in the Earth Year of 1962.

A triumphant moment in Martian conquest, CORT’s violent image projections serve not only as a point of pride, but also psychological advantage.  Quantifying tournament contestants’ recognition of Martian warfare helps Science Division researchers develop new tactics in fear-based attacks.  Armed with a large pool of data of each species’ elite DreadBall warriors, CORT and the Science Division can successfully report its tactical conclusions back to the Supreme Regent.

Knowledge.  Is.  Power.


WarpGate Luxury Starliners:    Tournament date: 9/12/15 @ SIBCON in Butler, PA

Warpgate started out as your mid- level luxury starliner corporation. With the fall of a recent system home to an exclusive resort and rumors of a faulty reactor that could melt down at any moment (slander from a competitor) things turned bad for the company,

After the decline in business, WarpGate had to do something to bring back profits or completely fold under. So after retro-fitting their flag ship the SL Colossus with a Dreadball pitch, they scouted the league and picked up the battered and underpaid from other corporations. It wasn’t until there star jack Lucas O’Dubh crippled an orc guard and scored a 4 pointer for the landslide victory over the Chicagorc Bears, that the crowds and money started to pour in. Now one year and two megaliners later, Warpgate Luxury Starliners has made a name for itself in the DGB and will host its first Championship for the Warp Cup in their new floating Dreadball Fortress the ML Olympus.


Empire-tek   Tournament date: 7/18/15 @ Flipside Games in East Greenbush, NY

Founded originally as a colonization corporation, Empire-tek is known know far and wide as the home of one of the single largest Megapolis in the known universe.   It is often rumoured by those who have not visited Empire-tek’s home planet that the entire surface, and indeed much of the underground is in fact one giant city.  Of course, if you’ve seen one planet-wide Magapolis you’ve seen them all…

The founding of the Empite-tek Tournament:

Having missed opportunities that neighboring systems took advantage of in the Ultra-Violent Kombat Organization (UVKO) mixed martial arts circuit, Empiretek is embracing Dreadball as their primary sports-entertainment avenue, and a means to raise their profile as more than just “the Megapolis.”  Empire-tek has spent billions of credits  constructing new stadiums to attract the best competition in the sector, and local competition has been heating up to play for the Empire-tek Cup.



Cana-Tek    Tournament Date: 5/30/15 at Curious Games Too in Victoria, BC Canada

Cana-Tek Industries was originally largely responsible for supplying Corporation armed forces with Winter gear and and supplies for any deployments to planets with extreme weather conditions. The units given this gear quickly discovered that the gear had so much padding in it, that they could play a full contact field version of Dreadball during their down time.
Word of this soon got back to the higher ups at Cana-Tek, and an unexplored profit venue was suddenly revealed to them. Starting out with creating new and reinforced gear specifically designed for Guard players, it wasn’t long before the GM’s of Dreadball teams everywhere were demanding Cana-Tek gear for all of their players!
It wasn’t long before Cana-Tek decided it wanted to be an even bigger part of the Dreadball world, and built a number of state of the art Dreadball stadiums and recruited teams from across the galaxy for what would soon be the phenomenon known as the Cana-Dreadball league!

They now support the Cana-Dreadball Cup as there championship!


SHOG Corp. (Sky High Organic Greens, Corp.) Tournament date: 8/22/15 @ Crit Castle in Aurora, CO

When you’re developing a new world the last thing you want to worry about is if your citizens and workers will have enough greens to keep them happy and healthy, that’s where we come in.

Our special high orbit hydroponic farms can be dropped off in orbit and greens constantly grown and shuttled to the surface. Our solar driven drive systems will navigate our farms so that they get the perfect and constant supply of light, through our farm containers completely clear hulls. While our water vapor recycling systems make the most of all moisture brought back from the surface on our automated delivery drones.

To show our support and loyalty to the Council of Seven and all of the citizens of the Sphere we have decided to sponsor what we believe will be the greatest Dreadball Cup ever. Aboard one of several luxury liners you will be able to peer out into space and watch your favorite teams compete inside one of our converted farm ships known as the Colorado. While events are taking place high in orbit around a yet to be disclosed planet you will be basking in the lap of luxury waiting to watch your favorite team take home the prize.

ORCorp Bowl: Tournament Date: 10/17/15 @ San Marcos Brewery and Grill in San Marcos, CA

The best thing to come out of the SoCal wars is ORC Brew by ORCorp! The beer and liquor market are all just the same old thing over and over again, but ORC Brew is an entirely different animal. It packs a punch like an Orc, but goes down smoother than a Judwan’s bald head. One of these can knock your clock if you don’t know what you’re getting into.
It’s amazing that this all came from an unlikely alliance. The Orx and Rebels found themselves in a war against the same enemy that destroyed all of Southern California. They gave us the strength we didn’t have and we gave them the tech they desperately needed. The brew wasn’t discovered till the celebration that ensued after the wars. Orx love to smash things as well as drink things. They offered it to us as a gift not realizing that it would kill many of the soldiers. However, there were a few of the Rebel soldiers that saw the business opportunity of this grand beverage. They made their recipe a little less fatal and the rest is history. They now dominate the market and the crowds love it! Served exclusively at the ORCorp Stadium.

Mei-Tagg Territorial Cup: Tournament date 9/26/15 @ Empire Games in Mesa, AZ

The Mei Tagg Territorial Cup dates back 20 years to the desert planet, Fe’nix during the early days of colonization. Eager to show the colonists the benefits of their cooling systems, Mei Tagg built one of the largest arenas in the outer sphere to host DreadBall games for the colonists and provide a place that the colony members could escape the extreme heat of desert planet.

The first games only filled the first couple of rows in the stadium, and the cost of cooling the building was extremely high. As a last ditch effort to make both the colony and arena profitable, Mei Tagg decided to challenge the nearby system of Tuc-Soon to a tournament. With only two systems participating, each world was allowed to sponsor as many teams as they wished. Five teams made the original journey to Fe’nix, and the locals were able to field three teams. After a week of games, the local team, the Timpee Devils managed to eke out a 1 point win against the Tuc-Soon Kittycats, and a tradition was born.

Fe’nix continues to host the Territorial Cup and the tournament has expanded to any team that wishes to enter. Teams travel from all across the GCPS to participate in the yearly tournament, and at times the tournament can last a month or more due to the number of teams involved.


NADC conference divisions. Click to see a full version.


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