Last month was Mantic’s biggest yet, nearly 100,000 zombies sprues were shipped out and, whilst we battle with our warehouse goblins to make sure we can keep everything in stock (which at the moment is more difficult than you could ever imagine!), Mantic also celebrated the launch of our brand new fantasy battle game; Kings of War.

BattlesetThe feedback and it’s popularity have been overwhelming, so much so that we want everyone to try it! So, for the entirety of November, the Mantic Kings of War ruleset, written by no-other than Mr Alessio Cavatore, will be bundled into every web order, absolutely free of charge! What’s that you say? You get a free game with every box of miniatures or hobby item you pick up from the Mantic Webstore?

You betcha.

But that’s not all, oh no. Much like a ticket to Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, we will be putting the Kings of War rules into select boxes marked with a special sticker. See a box of minis on the shelf with one of these stickers, and that box has the rules included absolutely free with it, so not only do you get some of the best and most beautiful plastic fantasy battle miniatures ever to assemble and paint, you also get the tools to get them onto the tabletop and get gaming the Mantic way; big, brutal and er, a  bucket-load-of-fun!

You’ll be as happy as a Belgian with a new box of toys to play with.


Mind you, he could be smiling because Revenant Knight Week is about to kick off…

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