After his scrap with Guy Haley, Orcy was pretty pleased to see that, in August, a new wave of Orcs are coming out to reinforce the core plastic Ax and Greatax sets, and he asked us to tell you guys all about it.

Orc-BannerWell, after we told him off for attacking Guy, we decided to celebrate the incoming Orc wave by giving away a 10 figure set of the forthcoming Plastic Resin Gore Riders!

Preview: Gore Rider – Coming in August

All you need to do to be entered into our prize draw is order between now and the 31st July! You’ve got to be in it to win it, so get your order in now and you can win one of these fantastic sets! And, don’t forget that there’s also 20 of these incredible figures in our Garlak’s Monstrous Horde army deal, which also features limited edition Orc Shaman and Goblin and Mawbeast figures!

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