Sorry I have been quite for a while. I have been doing some travel and we have all been very busy getting everything ready to ship in the coming weeks.

Monday saw us really get into the Mars Attacks main delivery. Once that has finished we will be straight on to the Deadzone wave 3 shipment – the last one for that massive project – and then we will ship the Dreadball Xtreme game (DBX) and some extra teams – just in time to have it under the Christmas tree!


If DBX Kickstarter Backers can get to the Open Day on Nov 29th they can take their Dreadball Xtreme games away with them. Backers can get a collection ticket here – this will give you ½ price access to the Open day and we will get your KS order ready for you to take away with you. Get a ticket soon because we might have limits on numbers.

Once we have sent all these backer pledges the only Kickstarter projects we have outstanding are the DB Xpansion and the rest of the teams for DBX and then Dungeon Saga. All the sculpts for DBX are away and in tooling already, and they are starting to come through. I have written another blog on all things Dreadball, and I think we can look forward to a very exciting 18 months for the Sports Game of the Future – including the ‘Strider Cup, sponsored by Mech-Tech Innovation Labs, part of the Trontek Corporation’ – which might involve the best European Dreadball player playing the best American player in a multigame world series at Adepticon 2016! I will get that blog up about that soon – but suffice to say – start polishing your balls!

DBX Coaches and Free Agents

DreadBall Xtreme Production Figures – Free Agents and Sponsors

Dungeon Saga is also making solid progress. The Undead have completed sculpting and are off out to tooling. Sylvain has been working solidly on the greenskin expansion and there are some great looking sculpts coming for that. They are off being resin copied, so you will be seeing photos soon. Jake was in this week and he ran both myself and Stewart, and a new group through a couple of adventures. The base rules are really solid now and Jake is going to write those up and get them out for Alpha and comment. We have two excellent intro scenarios that give you a chance to learn 2 heroes at a time in a fast, straight forward little adventure. The first mission does moving and fighting – with just the Dwarf and Barbarian. The second scenario covers magic and ranged attacks. A little cool rule is that each hero will begin with a unique special ‘feat’ they can deploy once per game – the barbarian can attack every enemy in base to base contact with him once per game, and this not only adds character to each hero but also it raises the a challenge of when you should use it!


Kieren does his best Mortibris impression whilst Luke extolls the virtues of playing the wizard – it’s his favourite character.

As always with Mantic Kickstarters you never fail to surprise us – so after we had run two $500,000 KS this one went and did $1m! Fortunately we have some contingency plans just in case it went crazy. That total allowed us to unlock the Abyssal Expansion Pack, the Dragon Suppliment pack and the giant undead Demon Lord, along with the plastic dungeon furniture and traps. This put most of the extra work on our sculpting resource – and because we normally do whole armies a few dragons and demons are easy 😉

We are making good progress with Dungeon Saga and we are trying to implement all we have learnt this year to make this our smoothest KS delivery yet. We will of course keep you posted with progress and that will go up once we have cleared out the last of what we’re shipping now , but if you want to keep in the loop Jake’s blog is an excellent way to keep up with his thoughts and developments as he hones the game – and you’ll probably get to interact with the great man himself!

We are continuing this year and next to keep investing in our two worlds – The Kings of War realm and the Warpath universe. Other licenced properties hopefully will open new doors for the wider range and bring Mantic to more hobbyists – and ultimately that is what I want Mantic to stand for. Fully formed, interesting worlds and universes that can be gamed in.

I want to see a day when every school boy – and girl if they like – has a Mantic Tabletop miniatures game somewhere in their cupboard. It would be fantastic if people think of Mantic as a friendly gaming company that offers great toy soldiers, and fun games at reasonable prices – and as something they would like to spend their free time doing. Obviously the commitment to a skirmish game will be different than for a full mass combat wargame – some fans will be more committed than others. But I hope we can get to a place that anyone who wants to, can access a hobby that whether they enjoy collecting, painting or playing it is open and easy for them to do so.

We will be revisiting Deadzone again soon, but the KS will be after Christmas. I have a full blog on what we hope to achieve with the campaign and I’ll get that up shortly, but I think it’s important original backers have had time to look at all they have, especially the new hard plastics – and it should give everyone a little more time to prepare – just in case you all decide it is going to go large!!!

But that doesn’t mean I don’t have a little mini kick surprise before then though – it’s a project very close to my heart and the centre of where Mantic began! Watch this space for more!



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