We have had a few requests for what is coming.

All though the web site will have the details, prices and photos, I thought the blogsters deserve the inside track.

You already know we are all set to release the Plastic Elf Bowmen, after that it is two sets of Metals, the King and Queen models (both fantastic, one by Kev White, the other by Bob N.), and the Prince and Heroes.

We will also release the Mantic Messenger Bag soon, an opportunity to carry model soldiers AND look cool!


The month after we will have Palace Guard – an elite regiment with a number of weapon options (see the Heavy Infantry and Cavalry post on the forum by J Gurney – he must have a crystal ball!).

The month after comes the cavalry, and a big hero, riding a mount, but more on that as we get some pictures, but it is a big mount!



p.s. we are working on getting big pictures on the site, technical constraints are holding us back. I will try the ‘hit the computer with a stick’ solution and see if that works.

p.p.s after that we release the second army.

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