Since we released Deadzone, there have been multiple requests from the online community to add some of the new alien races to DreadBall, especially the ones that make up the Rebs faction. Once we settled on the idea that our first Galactic Tour pack was going to be based in the forest, we realised we had a chance to do just that! The Yndij have been described as natives of a jungle planet, but aside from that not much has been written about them except for the fact that they fight alongside the Rebs as light troopers and scouts. Now, thanks to the release of the Azure Forest pack, we’ve had the chance to take a closer look at their homeworld – and one of their kind in particular…

A'Teo "The Savage" Adysi

A’Teo “The Savage” Adysi


A’Teo Adysi’s tale is a long and interesting one, and it started amid the trees of Azure IX. Unlike most of his kind, who saw the coming of new settlers as a sign of ill omen, he was intrigued by these newcomers and their incredible technology. He studied the humans, learning their language a few words at a time until he could ask the haulers and colonists questions about their homes. They were mostly happy to indulge the young hunter, and filled his imagination with stories of the Core, with its towering buildings and hi-tech wonders. Three seasons after he heard the first such tale, he gathered his possessions and decided to make the long journey himself.

Sometimes bartering for passage with precious stones, sometimes stowing away on transports, he slowly but surely made his way to the centre of the GCPS. Unfortunately, for all he had learned, he was still incredibly naive, and eventually arrived without a credit to his name, let alone ident papers or official docs. He almost didn’t make it out of the spaceport, but thanks to a timely distraction he broke away from the security agents holding him and made it to the streets of Osiah City. His first few days were a lesson in how different reality can be from tales told half a galaxy away. He found himself sleeping in an abandoned AlMar Incorporated warehouse, and was woken one morning by preparations that were being made for an unlicensed DreadBall game. A’Teo almost fled before he recognised the game from the small arena that the off-worlders had brought to his home planet. After a brief altercation, he convinced them to let him play. Who knows where his story would have ended if a a talent scout hadn’t been in attendance? The scout saw a player with more raw talent than anyone he’d found in years, and signed A’Teo up without a moment’s hesitation. Unfortunately, even the DGB couldn’t overrule the strict immigration rules of the Core, and A’Teo soon found himself being shipped back home to take part in the newly-licensed Azure Forest league.

a'teo colour

The Savage lends his services to the Koeputki Kolossals. Might want to check they’re not going to leg it before they pay you, A’Teo…

In the arena he’s already got a growing following, with fans travelling through entire sectors to watch him play on his home turf. He’s one of the fastest players to ever set foot on the neodurium, and sells his services as an MVP for increasingly impressive amounts. Rumour has it that he’s saving his credits carefully, with the hope of one day obtaining the right permits to return to the Core and play in the galaxy-famous Co-Prosperity Park.

A’Teo “The Savage” Adysi is available as part of the Galactic Tour Series: Azure Forest pack, now available to pre-order at the Mantic store!

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