Darn those Golem lads – they’ve alerted us to the fact that Ninjabread has discovered the secret of the 8th race…


… as a result the Beholdoids and Skelartons have been cancelled and the High Eldrish bumped to 2014. Of course, he hit on the idea that goggles makes everything better, as the dog in this image shows:


Finally, it seems it’s not just Ronnie whose been Ninjabread’d…

2011-11-04-studio-mcveyDisturbing the things that enters this lad’s mind! Anywho, Curis has got a couple more Warpath-Golem related items that are definitely worth a read. Check them out here!

Dwarfs… but they’re in space!

Golem Spotlight – Jotunn Heavy Hailstorm Cannon

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