Mantic Points are being dished out right, left and centre (in fact there’s 16 of those little stickers in the Malak’s Legion of Death and Tydarion’s Dragon host deals! – speaking of which, Revenant Knights are just around the corner!)

With the Mantic Journal now shipping too, and as part of our massive painting splurge,  we had the Mantic Point figures painted up too. Chris Straw had a go at the Elf General and here’s his results – suitably impresseve we think!

Click on the thumbnail for a closer look:

chess_player_1Such a gorgeous sculpt deserved a great paint job and we think Chris nailed it, but why not let us know what you guys think? Drop us a comment below.

Remember also, if you’re gagging for more Mantic Points to get the 10, 25 or 50 rewards, we’re offering a free bag on orders over 50 pounds, 75 euros and 99 dollars, so not only will you get yourself a freebie to store all of your figures in, you’ll also be one step closer to more free miniatures and our limited edition models!

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