Many of the mercenary warriors who ply their trade on the fringes of Corporation space have blood-curdling nicknames and impressive ranks. Few are as well-deserved as that of Shadrek Mal-Raz.

The assumption is that he is a Forge Father by race as his armour and weaponry are all made by that most secretive and closed culture. However, it is clearly a customised or at least extremely rare form of equipment as very few other examples have been reported on the battlefield.

In combat, the roar of his Xerxes Cannon is as distinctive as the clank of his massively armoured exo-suit. He is to be found at the forefront of the attack, destroying everything within reach. Vehicles are reduced to semi-molten smouldering heaps of slag, habtainers are shattered and their contents set ablaze, even the concrete foundations are cracked and blackened by the searing heat.

The survivors of this assault emerge into an inferno of destruction and it is these tragic few who have dubbed him Helfather..

The Helfather doesn't care who he fights for, as long as their money's good.

He doesn’t care who he fights for, as long as their money’s good.

The Helfather is maybe a glimpse of things to come… or a homage to things that once were. He’s not quite a Forge Father; in fact, if anything, he’s got more in common with the Abyssal Dwarves of Kings of War. How very interesting! He’s one of the Mercenaries that will be available for Deadzone when it gets a proper release in 2014, but if you’d like to get your hands on him early he’s available as part of the Pre-Release Collectors’ Edition, pictured below. As with all our big web bundles, this is a great deal – it’s only available for a limited period, so make sure you pre-order your copy now!



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