Today’s blog takes a look at the forthcoming Forces of the Abyss for Kings of War.

For those of you who have followed the progress of the 2nd Edition Kings of War Kickstarter and the updates, you’ll know we funded an entirely new army for Kings of War: the Forces of the Abyss. Making up the bulk of the army are the Lower Abyssals and Succubi, who both see a return to hard plastic for Kings of War infantry. As you can see this in this blog, the sprues are packed full of cool pieces and optional bits. We’ve really spent a lot of time trying to get our hard plastic infantry kits back up to the quality of where we want them, and we hope you really like these figures.

If you like this preview, check back tomorrow when the entire Forces of the Abyss miniatures range goes up for pre-order on the Mantic Webstore. And without further ado:

The Lower Abyssals are the most numerous of the servants of the Wicked ones. They are cruel, sly creatures, constantly vying for dominance over others. When doomed mortals are dragged back to the Abyss, they are tortured by these malevolent servants, unless the Abyssals are fighting amongst themselves. Those who can fight their way to the top manage to gain better armour and equipment than their underlings, and rule over them as the elite Abyssal Warriors. The most brutal of these will eventually go on to become Champions of their gods, leading whole armies into the mortal realm.


The new Lower Abyssals kit allows you to build these vicious warriors as foot soldiers for your Abyssal horde. Each Abyssal can be armed with one of a variety of weapons and a shield on their off hand. You can choose from flails, swords, tridents and all manner of wickedness. There’s even a two-handed axe on the sprue – great for a leader. The kit also comes with parts to build a drummer and a standard bearer to form your command group. These aren’t necessary in the game rules, but look great.

Forces of the Abyss Abyssal Dwarf Lower Abyssals   Forces of the Abyss Abyssal Flamebearers


There are a few Imps on each sprue – so you can build up a unit of them from a regiment or two of Lower Abyssals. On top of all this, there is an alternate set of arms to build your models as Flamebearers – Lower Abyssals slaved to the sorcerous Efreet, who cast magical fire into their foes. Every component is highly detailed and the models are quick and easy to assemble. There’s a huge range of variety in the kit, so no two devils should look alike! Phew – that’s a lot! These are available as either twenty strong regiments or forty strong hordes

The Succubi are the seductive denizens of the Abyss’ third circle. They feed the armies of the Abyss with pain and suffering, delighting in nothing more than driving their captives insane. In battle, they can entrap their enemies with but a glance – leaving the dumbstruck as the Succubi wade in with their blades.

Forces of the Abyss Succubi

These evil temptresses are the second plastic kit for the Forces of the Abyss. They come with paired sets of weapons, which can be mixed and matched however you please. There are curved blades, swords and whips and more on the sprue. Like the Lower Abyssals, there is also a couple of Imps and command components for your units. The Succubi’s leader can have a hand beckoning her victims to approach – which is a nice touch. These models are sculpted to be lithe and vicious in appearance – giving you an idea of how they stalk across the battlefield.


Between these two kits, you have everything you’d need to build the core of an Abyssal army – or use the models in other games. They could be built as demons of the Abyss for Dungeon Saga, for example. If only there was some kind of expansion to field them in…..

Let us know what you think in the comments below…

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