Goblins! Time for my favourite Kings of War army to get some time in the limelight.


January sees the release of some reinforcements for the little green blighters. Also back in stock are the Goblin army deals, with tweaked contents to give you the most bang for your buck.

Having played in a couple of tournaments, I know that players will be happy to see the expansion of the range with the new goblin war machines.


These high quality metal kits come with three crew each and are either available as a temperamental Big Rock Thrower or a stabby Sharpstick Thrower. Big Rock Throwers are unpredictable but devastating when they hit their targets. Sharpstick Throwers trade power for reliability, having more shots to hit with.


Biggits are Goblins with ambition – although not always with the stature to follow it up. They can be found in either Goblin or Ogre armies, leading their diminutive kin to battle with an uncharacteristic bravery. This new metal miniature includes extra components to give you some options with your hero.


This model can be fielded as a character in either and Ogre or Goblin force, alongside our other characterful Goblin heroes.


So, between artillery, heroes and stunning army sets there’s everything that you need to start or expand on a Goblin force, for Kings of War or any other game!

Goblin reinforcements hit shelves in January. Pre-order them from your local retailer or the Mantic Webstore now.

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