Just before we start, a quick heads-up that we are still behind on answering messages and sending out Christmas orders. It’s been a incredible couple of months for us, and the volume is massive, so please bear with us at this time – thanks, Chris.

I’m here today whilst James is writing top-secret background stuff for an upcoming book, which will be out very soon! Want to know more about the different races of Nexus Psi? You don’t have long to wait.

Whilst you sit patiently, why not gawk at these paint jobs expert hobby technicians Dave and Curis have done on our wonderful Plague models – there’s even some new booster models released tomorrow on the website as pre-orders!


Curis has had a thing about painting pink since his Ninjabread days.

The Troops Booster is designed to give you some more boots on the ground. Generally average troopers, they are cannon fodder to distract or pin your opponent whilst you get your much scarier 2A and 1A beasts into combat.


My personal favourite is the Plague Specialists Booster, which contains the Mortar team, Plague Swarm and 3A with Grenade Launcher. Boom Boom! Weapon teams, like the Mortar and crew, are coming to Deadzone and you’ll find their Special Rules in March’s Nexus Psi campaign book.

Next up are the big beasties…


This is the 1A that everyone knows and loves, available as a separate model for the first time – whether you’re a gamer or a painter, there’s just something about this model that screams “GET ME!”


Last of the lot is the Plague Teraton, which comes with a pack of 2As in support. Because the 3 you get in the Faction Starter isn’t scary enough!

All-in-all, makes the Faction Starter look an incredible deal, right? Keep an eye on the site tomorrow for all of February’s pre-orders – rulebook, gaming mats and the like.

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