We’re rapidly approaching the final days….of our Kickstarter (though, to be honest, I kinda expect Sunday to be a bit like Ragnarok, earth shattering goals going down one by one!).  The final 24 hours are going to be breathtaking, don’t miss out!


So I thought I’d pop my head up and say hey, and ask what y’all are looking forward to out of what’s been unlocked.  Let’s not talk about what might be coming – I’m just interested in hearing about what you’re planning on doing with it.
Remember too, we’ve got a whole site of lore and content over on Dungeon Saga.

And with deepest thanks to our bloggers – the following guys have written some incredible posts to give their perspectives on our Kickstarter.

You might ask why I’m showing off other sites and their thoughts; mostly, I wanted to let people read up on as much as they can.  All of these bloggers have made an informed decision when writing these posts, and while it’s easy for us to say ‘this is a great game’, we’ve got all of these voices that agree with us.

Our Kickstarter ends 31st August at 11:59PM British Summer Time.
 Don’t miss out!

And let’s keep knocking the goals down like dominoes!  Maybe there’s something REALLY big around the corner!

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