Earlier last year we took on a cool range of Gamers T-shirts from that fashionable chap at Toyz N The Hood. Always keen to talk about their tees, they fired over this article…

Make sure you’re at the top of your game with a Toyz N The Hood shirt. When you buy a Toyz N The Hood shirt you can be assured that you’re getting the very best gaming shirt money can buy. Hundreds of games have been played in these shirts to make sure that they can fit all your gaming needs. They’ve been extensively tested and pushed to the limits to make sure that they won’t let you down even when your dice do…

But how do they this?

Simple yet subtle – your gaming friends will appreciate the humour of our designs but you can still wear them to the in-laws.

Discharge Print – the shirts are screen printed with a discharge print. This lightly bleaches the colour of the shirt and creates a much softer and long-lasting print than other printing methods. The distressed look this creates is also very trendy don’t you know.

Fitted – Our shirts are fitted, they create a much more fashionable and flattering look than plain t-shirts. Make sure you’re the best looking guy in the bar for the post-game drinks.

Cotton – Our t-shirts are made from cotton which means they are breathable and also stretch. Perfect for keeping you comfortable through an entire day of Dreadball.

Short Sleeves – You don’t want to worry about miniatures getting caught on shirt sleeves when you play games and you don’t want the extra weight to slow down your dice rolls. Not when all you need is a six to get to the touch zone.

Easy to wash – These shirts go in the washing machine. It’s the white thing in the kitchen that’s not a fridge.

Renewable and sustainable – Cotton is a renewable and sustainable resource and while your Toyz N The Hood shirt will see you through many, many games and when the time comes to let it go you can be assured that it is biodegradable.

Toyz N The Hood T-Shirts can now be ordered from the Mantic Website – get yours here!

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