So we’ve all seen the beautiful paintjob Andrew Wedmore did on the Berserker Lord by now and, well, he’s got a few new mates to “play” with!

Andrew Wedmore - Berserker Lord

With the last of the core Dwarf plastic sets released last week (culminating in the mighty Dwarf Warhost), we’re looking ahead to September which, alongside the breathtaking new plastic Zombies, see’s the Dwarf King’s Counsel and Dwarf Berserker sets unleashed. Mantic is all about big armies of course so we’ve added two new Troop sets to our website to expand on the Berserker (available to pre-order) and Ironguard (now available to order) sets which lets you add an extra rank of these beautiful sculpts without having to worry about the command bits!

With our trusty journal team in last week and some really cool photography taking place, we couldn’t but help ourselves so got our photographer to take some snaps of these elite metal units. Check out the thumbnails and click to see more!

Dwarf BerserkerIronguard Command

Berserkers and Ironguard aren’t the only units we’ve had painted and photographed however – wait until you see the Dwarf army for Journal 2!

As always, drop us your comments below.

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