We are hugely excited here about the upcoming launch of Kings of War second edition – today we’ll share the timetable of the launch.

As I hope you know Mantic has been giving away the basic rule set for FREE since the game first came out, and this edition is no different.


However, this time these are going out BEFORE the launch – because we are so confident that if you like mass battle games you’ll love these rules (and for some reason there has been a lot of next requests in the last few days).

July 10th sees the new rules go up for free download. If you want to get a set emailed to you – with three chances to win a signed copy of the hardback rule book too – please go here and sign up to the newsletter.

The Kings of War Hardback rulebook will be in-stores 22nd August, to find out more about this book and all it contains please click here.


Due to recent huge spike in interest it is looking like the first print will be gone very quickly. Please place a pre-order with your local friendly local gaming store now – or pre-order Kings of War 2nd Edition here on our website.

There will also be a Gamer’s Edition of the rulebook – a soft cover rulebook with the background removed that’s easier to transport.

There are wound markers and a handy counter set – both useful.

And finally there is the deluxe edition where you get both books, the wound markers and the counter set. It offers an exceptional saving off purchasing the items separately.

In the year ahead we have books planned for a huge global campaign, an army building app, more tournaments, a rankings system, cross-over army books, and two new armies with fantastic miniatures.

So have a read of the free rules on the 10th July and feel free to join what is quickly becoming the mass battle fantasy game of choice.

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