Welcome to our Dwarf King’s Hold feature!

Shipping out on the 28th March is this brand new 2-player game that pits Dwarfen adventurers against the Necromancer’s (that’s the name the Undead player can give themselve if they are feeling overly sinister!) Undead horde. These merciless beings have overrun the ancient halls of the Dwarfs but they have now returned seeking gold and glory!

So what’s in store for this week then? Well, first up today we have the current version of the Dwarf King’s Hold logo. Those of you who are signed up to our newsletter got the first peek at this on Friday (just one of the benefits of being signed up!) but just so everyone can enjoy…

dkh logo forweb

Created by Tears of Envy under Mike McVey’s watchful eye, Tammy is doing all of the artwork for the tiles and counters that will come inside the game, more of which will be shown off later this week. We may also have a sneak peak of the cover art by Jonas Springborg, the highly talented artist behind the Abyssal Dwarf artwork and, of course, the Christmas Goblin!

We also have a ton of other cool stuff to talk and show off too, so we you may even get to see some of that as well though, of course, telling you everything we have planned for this week wouldn’t be in the Mantic spirit (teases that we are), so make sure you keep coming back to the Mantic blog all this week for all the latest!

Oo, and tell your friends too!

Dwarf King’s Hold: Dead Rising will begin shipping on the 28th March and you can pre-order your copy here!

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