I thought I’d just take a quick couple of minutes to update people about the various things going on at Mantic HQ and answer some of the questions that’s been coming up as best as I can.

Mars Attacks

I can confirm it is KICK ASS.  I saw it in person on Saturday, at one of the volunteer days for our Pathfinders and honestly, it’s completely madcap and a lot of fun.  I’m not a hardcore gamer, though I do game, and I can see where the similarities and devaitons from Deadzone are, and I can honestly say that this is one for any gamer’s collection.  I don’t play tactically at all, and I still managed to ‘outsmart’ someone that does, and it was just hilarious all round.  You could also hear roars of laughter coming from the other room while we were off doing other stuff as others played.

Here are the martians from the recent Kickstarter update.


It will also be going up on pre-order in the near future – as soon as it does, we will of course announce it on all of our channels.  All hail our evil overlords….

From the Kickstarter update itself…

“Not long before you start getting your Mars Attacks sets!

Note that we’re going to be releasing the main game to stores at the end of September. A limited number will be added to our website to pre-order and will be shipped out after the Kickstarter shipping has been completed.”


Deadzone backers also got an update today – we’ll begin second wave shipping from the 28th of July!

This shipment is missing a couple of things that, due to delays, we won’t see until September, so there will be another mini shipment in October, but the bulk of it should be with you very soon!

Specifically, this is how the shipping will run….unloading

“Kickstarter Wave 2 Shipping Order

There are around 1400 orders that do not contain Asterians or Forge Fathers. They will begin shipping the week commencing 28th July. If anyone has an outstanding PayPal request or a change of address now is a good time to sort that out so your pledge doesn’t get delayed.

Orders with Asterians in will then ship the following week. The hard plastic Forge Father sprues arrive on the 10th August, and once these models land in our warehouse pledges with Forge Fathers will then ship.

We estimate that shipping will be completed around the end of August/start of September.”
Also, there’s something in backers mailboxes….check out the update to find out what!

Hopefully that answers some of the bigger questions we’ve had lately and gives you an idea of what we’re doing at HQ right now.

Finally, there’s just over a day to enter our Rafflecopter – I’ll announce on Friday who won, so watch the blog and the social media channels 🙂

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