So in case you missed it, last night we stormed past the Survivor model (now included free in pledges of Recon ($100) and up! Not only that but we’ve hunted down the Enforcer Sniper, Marauder Sniper, a 2nd Gen Plague and the mighty Teraton Brawler as well!


Not one to rest on our laurels, the next stretch goal is up!

$250,000 – Additional Scenery!

To celebrate this major milestone, we’re giving away a free scenery sprue!

Your pledge levels already contain enough sprues to fill a gaming mat with some buildings and barricades, but we want to give you greater variety and enable you to make more elaborate constructs – so we are throwing in 1 additional scenery sprue into every pledge of Recon ($100) and up!


But what is on a hard plastic scenery sprue I hear you cry?

Well, this is entirely dependent on two things – the success of the campaign and continued negotiation with the toolmaker as to what we can squeeze on. The current talk is around 6 tiles per sprue plus connectors (and we have 2 sprues of different designs in addition to the Accessory Sprue, which features half walls, barricades, ladders, railings, crates, barrels and special connectors.)

This extra sprue will be a combination of wall tiles and some floor tiles, massively increasing the variety you get. You can further customize your constructs using the components from the Accessory Sprue – good times!

Please support us on Kickstarter and keep spreading the word – the more people who back this project, the better your rewards will get!

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