Just a quick post before the weekend to let you know that, in case you hadn’t heard, Mantic will be in attendance at Vapnartak 2014 – in a big way!

If you missed the Open Day in November, now's your chance to get involved!

If you missed the Open Day in November, now’s your chance to catch up with us!

For starters, we’ve got the first of our official Clash of Kings KoW tournaments in 2014! We’re running a whole series of regional followed by a final at the end of the year, which will give us a chance to find the UK’s top Kings of War player! If you think you’ve got what it takes, and you want to come along and have a go, you can get your ticket at the Mantic Webstore. The price of your ticket also includes entry to the Vapnartak show itself.

If that’s not enough, we’re running a DreadBall league day! This is a special event using a different set of rules than our normal tournaments; it’s meant to be more like a league than a tournament, with teams levelling up throughout the day. Anyone who was lucky enough to win a DreadBall 2013 Champion hex-medal last year (in the regional heats we ran) gets free entry to Vapnartak and this event, but if you weren’t so lucky you can get your hands on a ticket here.

Our Pathfinders will be on hand to show you how Deadzone works - don't worry, they're not all as mad as Liam.

Our Pathfinders will be on hand to show you how Deadzone works – don’t worry, they’re not all as mad as Liam.

Okay, so what if you’re not a fan of organised play events? Well, there’s plenty more to get involved with! As I said, we’ve got a huge amount of space at this show, so we’re making sure we make use of it! We’ll have plenty of Deadzone demonstration games on hand, and we should also have our other games available if you want to try your hand at them. We’ll also have a massive trade stand with show-only special offers (these are always good!) and the new Azure Forest pack available to buy. The trade team also think they might have one or two early copies of Deadzone available ahead of the February re-launch – this was a bit of a surprise to me, but it sounds like awesome news!

If you’re not taking part in either of our events, it’s only £4 (£2 for kids) to enter, and tickets are available from the website. I reckon it’s a great way to kick off the gaming year – hopefully we’ll see you there!

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